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Hazardous chemistry: diazomethane and ethyl-diazoacetate


Ethyl diazoacetate (EDA) and gaseous diazomethane (DAM) are both carbene precursors that can be used as methylating agents or to produce cyclopropanes, epoxides, or various nitrogen-, sulphur- and oxygen-containing heterocycles. They can also be used for carbon chain extensions and ring expansion reactions.

We have gained an extensive experience in using gaseous diazomethane and ethyl diazoacetate from lab to industrial scale under cGMP conditions.

 Novasep CMO Diazomethane Chemistry

We are equipped with reactor trains of up to 6,000 L for diazomethane chemistry. Rather than preparing solutions of diazomethane, we generate gaseous diazomethane in situ in order to have higher conversion rates, leading in turn to a higher reaction yield and productivity. Moreover, only a small amount of solvent is required when compared to the classic process with diazomethane solutions, leading to greener and more productive reactions.

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