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Prochrom®, best-in-class preparative HPLC solutions


Our Prochrom® technology is recognized as the reference in preparative and process-scale HPLC solutions for the purification of APIs, synthetic peptides, oligonucleotides, recombinant proteins (including insulin), HPAPIs and other small molecules for the fine chemicals industry obtained by fermentation, extraction, semi-synthesis or organic synthesis.

As a complete HPLC solution, the Prochrom® range includes:


World leading HPLC columns for biopharmaceutical applications

With more than 25 years’ experience in developing, using and supplying preparative HPLC systems for intermediate purification and polishing of APIs, biologics and other small molecules, our Prochrom® range offers state-of-the-art industrial HPLC, from development to large-scale commercial phases.

Novasep Prochrom HPLC Columns

Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC)

Some of our columns have been running for decades without unpacking and without any loss of performance. This performance consistency over time is due to Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) technology.
Pioneered by Novasep, this technology is based on the use of a hydraulically actuated piston offering the highest efficiency and peak symmetry. Combined with our proprietary flow distributors, the DAC technology ensures optimum performance for an extended period of time from 50 to 2,000 mm I.D. columns.
We guarantee the performance of your scaled–up process using our Prochrom® columns.

Novasep Prochrom HPLC Two ColumnsRobustness

Our Prochrom® columns are known for their longevity and reliability. Prochrom® columns installed in production plants in the 1980s are still in operation today. We guarantee the performance and robustness of both our systems and processes.

A complete toolbox

Our columns are designed to facilitate cleaning and maintenance operations while maximizing operator safety: all heavy parts are manipulated from the bottom of the column, thus avoiding hoists and overhead manipulation; tools such as a piston rotation unit and piston/flange tables are provided. Specially designed to be user-friendly and easy-to-use, one single operator can perform all of these operations.

A solid experience and track record

  • More than 30 years’ experience in column design and manufacturing.
  • More than 150 engineers and technicians continuously improving the reliability, ergonomics and performance of our systems.
  • More than 1,500 columns purifying peptides, APIs and intermediates every day, all around the world.

A complete range from Pilot to industrial scale

Columns i.d. (mm) 50 80 110 150 200 300 450 600-1600
Max. bed length (mm) 350 400 450 450
Pressure rating (bar) 100 50 to 100 bar
Compression features Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC)
Pressure transmitter N/A Option Custom design
Temperature jacket Standard

Columns with longer bed height or higher pressure rating are available on request.


Best-in-class HPLC skids

Cannabinoid Purification Application Note Web Banner Mini

Hipersep® systems are automated high-pressure solvent delivery modules for preparative chromatography under cGMP conditions.

They have been engineered to guarantee the best chromatographic efficiency in combination with Prochrom® columns through an optimized layout ensuring lowest dead volumes and turbulent flow regimes.

Novasep HPLC Prochrom Hipersep L Prochrom Hipersep Pilot

Hipersep Pilot / Hipersep L


New >> Read more on the Hipersep® Pilot

Our equipment includes advanced PAT (Process Analytical Technology guidelines of the FDA) compliant features such as a high performance gradient module as well as smart fraction collection software.

Software and automation

The Hipersep® SC software operates and monitors all HPLC systems according to our customers’ needs.

Novasep HPLC SoftwareThe monitoring software remains the same on the whole Hipersep® range, easing scale-up.

  • Reliable, validated and with guaranteed traceability
  • Complete quality documentation
  • Accurate control of all critical process parameters
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with PC user interface
  • Multiple safety levels
  • User-friendly
  • Supplier software validation performed
  • Software developed to be compliant with 21 CFR part 11 and GAMP5 Guidelines

A complete range of systems from Pilot to industrial production

Hipersep® Pilot XS S M L XL XXL
Productivity range (kg/day) in Batch mode 0.2-4 2-7 2-7 7-33 17-57 29-106 53-165
Productivity range (kg/day) in Cyclojet/Varicol® 8-12 14-21 14-21 66-99 114-171 212-318 330-495
Typical Prochrom®
column diameters (mm)





Skid flowrate (L/h) 6*-90 60-200 90-200 150-500 300-1000 500–1600 1000-2500
Gradient accuracy (%) < 1
Max pressure (bar) 100 70
ATEX zone II

Class 1 Divison 2
Certifications / Equipment standards

CODAP/ASME for columns
CE/UL for systems

Configurable options

High pressure injection module, Eluent & feed filters, Heat exchanger,
Backflush configuration valves, pH conductivity, Nitrogen flush for product recovery,
Up to 10 collections, Solvent recycling, Cyclojet process

*Gradient accuracy <2% below 10L/h

In addition to standard features, our Hipersep® can include options such as:

  • 5 to 10 additional collection valves
  • Recirculation valves to reduce solvent consumption
  • A heat-exchanger in order to control solvent temperature adapted to temperature-sensitive purification and locations with difficult temperature conditions
  • A column back-flush valve enabling elution direction to be reversed into the column


Solvent recycling: reduce solvent consumption by up to 99%

Novasep HPLC Solvent RecyclingOur automated solvent recycling technology complements our preparative chromatography offer. It enables the recovery of up to 99% of the solvent for both isocratic and gradient conditions, thus dramatically reducing your operating costs and environment footprint.

During a separation, the solvent is recovered from the evaporators (and optionally dryers) while purified, concentrated or dry compounds are recovered. The recycled solvent is used to elute the column and to dissolve the dry feed mixture. Only a small amount of fresh solvent is automatically added to the recycled eluent stream in order to automatically adjust the eluent composition using a proprietary technology.


Packing in less than 5 minutes: Pack-n-Sep

Novasep Prochrom HPLC Pack N Sep

For convenient and fast packing, we have also developed Prochrom® Pack-n-Sep lab columns. This line of equipment combines the advantages of both Prochrom® DAC columns and an ultra-fast packer. This technology is especially suited for our customers maintaining a range of pre-packed columns, or in combination with our Varicol® continuous chromatography technology.

This packer enables packing or unpacking in less than 5 minutes.

You only need one packer for several 50 or 80 mm i.d. columns.  Columns can be used on the packer in DAC mode or detached, a proprietary compression device maintaining bed compression.

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