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Purification technologies


In addition to our unique synthesis technology portfolio, including hazardous chemistry, advanced organic synthesis and chiral compounds manufacturing, Novasep has extensive purification capabilities from pilot to multi-tonscale:

Chromatography technologies

As a world leading manufacturer of preparative chromatography systems, we use our own technologies for our contract manufacturing services. The capabilities of our contract manufacturing sites include:

  • continuous chromatography (Varicol®),
  • high performance liquid chromatography (Prochrom® HPLC),
  • supercritical fluid chromatography (Supersep™ SFC),
  • and low pressure liquid chromatography and ion exchange (Prochrom®-Bio LPLC)
Type Number System Productivity range
SMB 7 Varicol® 1.5kg/wk –
HPLC >10 Prochrom® 1g/day –
SFC 3 Supersep™ 5 –
300 g/day
LPLC 3 Prochrom®-Bio 0.1 –
100 kg/month

Novasep CMO Chromatography Purification PlatformNovasep owns the world largest custom purification platform based on chromatography for the recovery and purification of small molecules, allowing us to propose unrivalled contract purification services.

We are also using our proprietary technology for solvent recycling, allowing us to reduce our solvent consumption by up to 99% and reduce operational costs while providing greener operations.

Filtration technologies

We operate several tangential flow filtration systems, including:

Type Surface Cut-off Flow rate
Ultrafiltration 4 - 15 m² 1 – 300 kDa 15 – 120 L/m²/h
Nanofiltration 36 m² 150 – 1,000 kDa 5 – 30 L/m²/h
36 m² <100 Da 5 5 – 30 L/m²/h

Other available technologies

Our purification technology portfolio is completed by the followings, available on most of our manufacturing sites:

  • Centrifugation systems (stainless steel, Hallestoy, titanium)
  • Distillation columns
    • Up to 30 theoretical plates at large scale
  • Evaporators and crystallization
    • Thin film evaporator at pilot scale,
    • Falling film evaporators,
    • Short path evaporator (pilot scale molecular distillation) for unstable products

Purification process development

Developing and optimizing purification processes is a core expertise at Novasep. As part of our contract manufacturing services, our process experts and chemists team-up to design, optimize and scale-up any purification process to provide the most cost-effective solutions and produce high quality compounds. Thanks to the breadth of our technologies, we can propose and choose with our customers the best compromise between time-to-pure compound and production cost, at all scales.

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