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SupersepTM , Supercritical fluid chromatography systems


Our Supersep™ preparative SFC systems enable fast, robust, environmentally friendly and efficient purification from grams to kilograms, and up to multi-ton scale for specific applications.

They are ideal for any chiral resolution, complex mixture purification or natural extract isolation.

Supersep™: a greener, faster and more cost-effective preparative SFC solution

Supersep™ systems bring the following benefits:Novasep Supersep SFC 400 Columns

  • 3 to 5 times faster than HPLC, it is the technology of choice to speed up product availability
  • Your process is greener thanks to the use of supercritical CO2 decreasing the amount of organic solvent required by 5 to 20 fold
  • Consume 20 times less CO2 with our unique, proprietary CO2 recycling technology
  • Your CAPEX and energy needs are reduced: SupersepTM connects to either gas or liquid CO2 supply
  • Maximal safety for your operators thanks to a confined design with possibility of direct connection to a vent
  • Performance are guaranteed by our expertise in chromatography systems design


Fully automated SupersepTM systems

Our Supersep™ SFC systems are designed for process development and from lab- to pilot-scale separations. All our SFC systems can be operated under cGMP conditions.
The Supersep™ range is characterized by a robust and efficient design:

  • Optimal industrial design allowing for 24/7 continuous operationNovasep Supersep 400 SFC System
  • High productivity and yield resulting from excellent process reproducibility
  • Reliability of instrumentation and easy access for reduced maintenance
  • Compatibility with separation methods developed on any analytical SFC system
  • Contained system to protect the operator
  • Proprietary automatic cleaning-in-place feature for faster product changeovers


Supersep TM 150 400 1000 3000
Flow rate range (g/min) 30 - 150 100 - 400 250 - 1000 600 - 3000
Co-solvent flow rate (g/min) 0 - 80 0 – 160 0 - 400 0 - 1000
Typical column diameter (mm) 20* to 30* 30* to 50 50 to 80 80 to 100
Max operating pressure (bar) 300
Max operating temperature (°C) 60
Cyclones 6
Injection-Detection-Collection features Injection loop – UV detector – automated fraction collection
Implementation General purpose lab Explosion proof
pre-packed columns

Supercritical fluid chromatography columns

Novasep Supersep SFC Column 150

We provide preparative chromatography columns adapted to the high pressure requirement of SFC. Our SFC columns are based on the Prochrom® DAC (Dynamic Axial Compression) technology, enabling an optimum bed density and stability for consistent performance over extended periods of time.


Column diameter
50 80 100 150 200
Max. Bed Length
350 450
Pressure rating
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